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Are you tired of the hassle of shaving, waxing, or plucking unwanted hair? Say goodbye to these time-consuming and often painful methods, and say hello to smooth, silky skin with laser hair removal at The Axis Clinic in North London.

At The Axis Clinic, we pride ourselves on being a doctor-led clinic, ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficacy in all laser hair removal treatments. Our cutting-edge technology includes the state-of-the-art Diolaze XL, a medical-grade laser hair removal device that delivers exceptional results for our clients.

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal at The Axis Clinic in London?

  • Safe and Effective: Our experienced medical professionals supervise treatments, ensuring your safety and delivering optimal results.
  • Customised Treatment Plans: We understand that each individual is unique, which is why we tailor our treatment plans to address your specific needs and concerns.
  • Comfortable Experience: The Diolaze XL features advanced cooling technology, ensuring a comfortable and virtually pain-free experience during your laser hair removal sessions.
  • Long-lasting Results: Unlike temporary hair removal methods like shaving or waxing, laser hair removal offers long-lasting results, leaving you with smooth skin for weeks to come.
  • Convenience: With quick treatment sessions and minimal downtime, laser hair removal at The Axis Clinic fits seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Our Approach to Laser Hair Removal

When you choose The Axis Clinic for laser hair removal, you can expect a personalised approach from start to finish. Here’s what you can anticipate:

  • Consultation: During your initial consultation, one of our expert aestheticians will assess your skin type, hair texture, and desired results to develop a customised treatment plan tailored to you.
  • Treatment Sessions: Using the medical-grade laser, we target unwanted hair follicles with precision, effectively reducing hair growth while keeping your skin protected and comfortable.
  • Follow-up Care: After each session, we provide comprehensive aftercare instructions to ensure optimal results and minimise any potential side effects.
  • Maintenance Sessions: While laser hair removal offers long-lasting results, occasional maintenance sessions may be needed to maintain your smooth, hair-free skin over time. We offer affordable top-up sessions.

Book Your Laser Hair Removal Consultation Today

Ready to say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to smooth, radiant skin? Schedule your laser hair removal appointment at The Axis Clinic in North London today. Our friendly team is here to answer any questions you may have and guide you through your journey to smoother, hair-free skin.


At The Axis Clinic, we use Diolaze XL which features a skin cooling surface, distinguishing it as one of the hair removal devices with the largest cooling area. As a result, the treatment is significantly more comfortable compared to other devices, with the majority of clients reporting that Diolaze XL is practically painless.

We use Diolaze XL medical-grade laser by InMode.

• Speed: Diolaze XL features a large treatment spot size and rapid repetition rate, allowing for quick and efficient treatment sessions. This means you can achieve smooth, hair-free skin in less time compared to other laser hair removal methods.

• Comfort: The Diolaze XL incorporates a built-in cooling system that helps to keep the skin cool and comfortable during treatment. This minimizes discomfort and reduces the need for topical anesthesia, making the laser hair removal experience more pleasant for clients.

• Precision: With its advanced diode laser technology, Diolaze XL precisely targets hair follicles while sparing the surrounding skin from damage. This precision ensures optimal results with minimal risk of side effects, such as irritation or discoloration.

• Long-lasting Results: Unlike temporary hair removal methods like shaving or waxing, Diolaze XL offers long-lasting results. With each treatment session, hair growth is progressively reduced, leading to smoother, silkier skin that lasts.

• Versatility: Diolaze XL can be used on all skin types and colours safely and effectively. Furthermore, it can be used on various body areas, including the face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, and more. Whether you’re looking to treat a small area or larger areas, Diolaze XL provides customisable solutions to suit your needs.

Diolaze XL harnesses the power of advanced diode laser technology to target and permanently reduce unwanted hair. During treatment, the Diolaze XL emits controlled pulses of laser energy, which are absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles. This energy heats the follicles, damaging them and inhibiting future hair growth. Over time, treated hair falls out, leaving behind smoother, hair-free skin.

Like any other laser hair removal treatments, Diolaze XL requires multiple sessions for optimal results. The effectiveness of laser hair removal is highest when the hair follicles are in their mature phase. Nonetheless, it should be noted that your hair is constantly going through different stages of growth at any given time.

To achieve optimal results, we recommended a series of 6-10 sessions.  For the face area, you may require more sessions, typically 10-12 sessions.

With each treatment, you will observe a gradual reduction in hair growth. The total number of sessions required may vary depending on factors such as hair colour, hair type, body area being treated, your skin tone as well as hormonal factors like PCOS.

• No hot shower for 24 hours
• No gym or intensive exercise for 24 hours
• No steam or sauna for 24 hours
• No tight clothing for 24 hours
• No exfoliation for 5 days
• Apply aloe vera to treated area
• Avoid direct sun exposure and apply sunscreen to areas exposed to the sun

• Shave 12-24 hours before your appointment.
• No sun exposure 2 to 4 weeks before treatment
• No spray or fake tan 2 weeks prior laser
• No bleaching products 2 weeks prior laser
• No plucking or waxing between treatment. You may shave between sessions.
• No moisturiser on the treatment day
• Give yourself enough time to get to us so you are not too hot ahead of the treatment.

Yes, one of the key advantages of Diolaze XL is its suitability for a wide range of skin tones, including darker skin types. The device utilizes a unique combination of diode wavelengths and built-in cooling technology, allowing for precise targeting of hair follicles while minimizing the risk of damage to surrounding skin. This makes Diolaze XL a safe and effective option for individuals with darker skin tones seeking laser hair removal.

Please check our booking page for the prices of single sessions. We have huge savings on our packages. Please contact our team directly for our latest offers.

Book Your Laser Hair Removal Consultation Today

If you are dealing with excessive hair growth or struggling with ingrown hairs, the laser hair removal might be the right treatment option for you.

Regardless of your specific hair removal requirements, DiolazeXL presents the ideal solution for you. This cutting-edge technology enables you to achieve permanent hair reduction without the hassle of lengthy treatment sessions.

Book your complimentary consultation and patch test here!

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